Vinos Unidos was born from our desire to celebrate our parents’ humble roots and dreams. 

You see, Vinos Unidos is not just a name.

It’s a sentiment. 

It communicates the strong bond we, the founders, have with each other. 

It reflects the connection of our ancestors with the earth. 

Ultimately, it manifests itself in the respect and dedication we pour into every drop of wine we produce. 

Vinos Unidos is the living testament of a group of people that never forgot their roots, and had a very clear purpose: To produce award winning top tier wine, in small batches, that is affordable to all.

Here’s to our parents.
Here’s to our friends and families.
Here’s to darn good vino!


We chose the name Vinos Unidos or United Wines to show our connection with wine and each other...and to highlight our diverse backgrounds.



We share food, drink, beliefs and life. Having our own label seemed like a faraway dream. With the love and support of our beautiful friends and family in Napa Valley, our dream is coming true.

God Bless!