About Us


The name Vinos Unidos (United Wines) represents our passion for wine and our connection to each other. It symbolizes the diverse backgrounds of our team and the love and support we share. We believe in sharing food, drink, beliefs, and life, and it is a dream come true to have our own label. Thanks to our lovely friends and family in Napa Valley, we are finally able to make our dream a reality.

God Bless! 

- Bob Jauregui, Co-Founder of Vinos Unidos




Gerry Martinez, Co-Founder of Vinos Unidos & Winemaker

Gerry Martinez, co-founder and winemaker of Vinos Unidos, has a deep connection with nature and a vast knowledge of the terroir. He learned winemaking from the best in Napa Valley, and his wines have become award-winning. Gerry's childhood in Mexico and his family's move to Napa Valley when he was 12 inspired his passion for winemaking. He is the soul of Vinos Unidos and welcomes visitors for a master class in winemaking.

Giving Back to Our Community

The Vinos Unidos family has established scholarships for students pursuing careers in the wine industry to help those who want to continue their education and pursue a college career. We have already established six scholarships at various institutions for students majoring in Enology, Viticulture, and Culinary Arts. The scholarships are in honor of their parents who worked hard to prosper in a new land, and their inspiration, Manuel Martínez Huerta, the original vineyard worker of the Vinos Unidos family.